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Top 20 most shared ads of 2013: Evian babies, Ship My Pants, #DancePonyDance and more


By Ishbel Macleod | PR and social media consultant

November 21, 2013 | 4 min read

A three-minute video from Dove is the most shared branded video of 2013, Unruly has found, attracting 4.24 million shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere since its launch in April.

The 2013 Top 20 Global Social Video Ads Chart from Unruly, unveiled today, ranks the branded videos with the most shares.

Unruly EMEA MD Phil Townend said: “Marketers are increasingly challenging the value of a view and instead are starting to focus on creating content and distribution strategies which drive deeper levels of engagement, such as sharing, data capture, brand uplift or online purchases.

“Shares are the currency of social success and for leading brand marketers discovering how to create and distribute highly shareable content repeatedly and at scale is now at the top of their wish list.

“Dove succeeded in this by creating an ad that not only elicits strong emotions from consumers, but also gave its viewers a strong reason to share it with their social networks.”

1: Dove - Real Beauty sketches

4.24 million shares

2: Geico - Hump Day

4.03 million shares

3: Evian - Baby and Me

3.34 million shares

4: Kmart - Ship My Pants

3.05 million shares

5: Cornetto - Yalın - Keyfi Yolunda, Aşkı Sonunda

2.91 million shares

6: Budweiser - Brotherhood

2.72 million shares

7: Pepsi Max - Test Drive

2.69 million shares

8: MGM/Carrie - Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

2.17 million shares

9: Ram Trucks (Chrysler) -Farmer

1.88 million shares

10: Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

1.82 million shares

11: Neft Vodka: Biting Elbows

1.35 million shares

12: TrueMove (Thai telecomms company) -Giving

1.26 million shares

13: PooPourri - Girls Don’t Poop

1.24 million shares

14: GoPro - Fireman Saves Kitten

1.23 million shares

15: Phonebloks - Phonebloks

1.08 million shares

16: Three - The Pony #DancePonyDance

1.06 million shares

17: H&M - Short film directed by Guy Ritchie starring David Beckham


18: Rockstar - Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video


19: Sony - Official Playstation Used Game Instructional Video


20: Code.org - What Most Schools Don’t Teach

754,119 sharesTownend added: “The top 20 shows how brands, big and small, local and global, can make a big impact using social video across the Open Web. With the right content and the right distribution strategy, advertisers have the ability to engage consumers at speed and scale.“Over the last 12 months we have seen more brands embrace the role of content creator. However, in 2013, brands did not have the large tent pole events they had in 2012, such as the Olympics, so they have created their own dramas, experimenting with a wide range of emotional triggers, including hilarity, shock and fear demonstrated again in the top 20 listing.”

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