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Next gen gaming duel kicks off as Xbox One and PS4 go head to head

Sony have taken the gloves off in a long-running tussle for supremacy with Microsoft to sit at the top of the gaming tree as their PS4 console hits store shelves in the US today.

Gaining a crucial Stateside head start on its rival the PS4 will be released in the UK in a fortnight – one week after the Xbox One which will be available next Friday.

Those in other territories haven’t been entirely forgotten about however as divers in New Zealand lowered a specimen of the ‘rare species’ of Xbox One to the briny depths in a publicity exercise.

Both consoles feature similar specs but Sony’s is geared exclusively for gamers and comes with an all new DualShock 4 controller. It is optimised fully for playing games giving it a slight edge in this field but is hit by a lacklustre launch line-up and lacks some of the bells and whistles bolted onto the Xbox One.

The Xbox One meanwhile features a more advanced Kinect motion sensor, improved voice recognition and the ability to control satellite and cable TV set top boxes.

The PS4 will retail for £349 whilst the Xbox One will be available for £429.

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