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89% of millennial men can recall online ads, according to comScore and Crave study

89 per cent of millennial men aged 18-34 years old can recall online marketing and are two times more likely to be influenced by these advertisements, according to a study by Crave Online, a men’s lifestyle destination, and comScore.

The study involved over 2,000 millennial men, and focused mainly on the 285 who identified themselves as “influencers”. This group are often both the first to own new products and advise others on their purchases.

The research revealed that these influencers are three times more likely to share content with others, and will spend up to five times more on their favourite brands.

Influencers are also three times more likely to complete a follow-up action versus non-influencers. To fully engage this group, the study suggests that marketers must leverage the fact that millennial influencers are more aware and receptive to online advertising, especially campaigns that are funny, informative, or interactive.

“This study provides unique insights for marketers who aim to connect with the influential millennial male,” said Justin Roy, a comScore representative. “These individuals may be discerning when it comes to the sites they visit and the ads they respond to, but once they are engaged they are extremely valuable to marketers. Not only are the likely to exhibit loyalty and advocacy for the brands they like, but they also open their wallets.”

comScore surveyed 2019 male respondents, between the ages of 18 and 34. Survey questions were used to segment influencers vs. non-influencers, while data was weighted to match Media Metrix age demographic segments.

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