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Smartphone shopper conversion rate is three times higher when purchases completed by telephone call are considered, says report

By Angela Haggerty | Reporter

November 12, 2013 | 3 min read

Smartphones lead to three times as many sales conversions as previously thought once telephone call follow-up purchases are taken into account, according to research.

Study: Conversion rates from smartphone browsing may be higher

A study carried out by ResponseTap suggested that failure to track consumer behaviour after browsing products online may have led marketers to underestimate the potential of mobile.

According to analysis of more than 450,000 on and offline transaction, an average 0.4 per cent of smartphone browsing resulted in a transaction, but the figure rose to 1.3 per cent when a link was made between smartphone browsing and purchasing letter via a telephone call.

Of all conversions measured in the study, smartphone was the most likely to be completed through a telephone call, while consumers were more likely to complete transactions fully online if they were browsing on desktop. Consumers were also more likely to complete transactions online when using tablets.

Ross Fobian, ResponseTap CEO, said: “This data emphasises how important it is to track and analyse your telephone calls to fully understand how customers are researching and purchasing your products.

“Only then can you ensure you are optimising your marketing spend. We know that customers often want to speak to a real person before a purchase, but it’s now clear that this is particularly the case when someone is checking you out on a smartphone.

“It also shows far more shoppers begin their purchase journey on a smartphone than previously thought. Investing a higher proportion of marketing spend to attract their attentions at that point will make sense for many brands.”

Google recently announced that both phone calls and store visits were to be taken into consideration from now on as part of its Estimated Total Conversions and the company has begun beta testing a programme that tracks the shops people visit in order to target more specific advertising.

Smartphone Online Shopping Google

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