US man mistaken for retailer John Lewis on Twitter responds to deluge of tweets in hilarious fashion


By The Drum Team | Editorial

November 10, 2013 | 5 min read

When the much-hyped John Lewis Christmas ad made its debut on TV screens last night, many Twitter users rushed onto the social network to tell @JohnLewis know what they thought of it.Little did they realise that they were directing their comments not to the retailer, but to a middle aged man in Blacksburg, Virginia who we now know has the patience of a saint and an extremely dry wit.In a classic case of Twitter mistaken identity, poor John Lewis has been inundated with tweets intended for @johnlewisretail over the last few days.Credit to him then that he has responded in such hilarious fashion.

John's quick-witted responses to the misguided Twitter users have won him many admirers.However, one or two people have suggested there may be more than meets the eye...Let's hope that's not the case. And in the meantime, will the real John Lewis please stand up?


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