Singapore Prime Minister’s official website hacked by Anonymous

Hacking collective Anonymous have taken over the official website of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, sparking an investigation by the city states telecom regulator.

The cyber-attack came just 24 hours after Loong vowed to track down members of the group following threats to hack government websites and saw the page defaced with an image of a Guy Fawkes mask and the words ‘It’s great to be Singaporean today’.

It follows criticism by Anonymous of new rules unveiled in the city earlier in the year which require popular websites reporting on ‘issues relating to Singapore’ to apply for individual licenses.

Infocomm Development Authority said in a statement: “The PMO main website is still working, and we are working to restore the page that has been compromised.”

Loong has promised to ‘spare no effort to try and track down the culprits’, adding: "If we can find him, we will bring him to justice and he will be dealt with severely.You may think you're anonymous but we will make that extra effort to find out who you are.”