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Juicy Couture to be the first brand to advertise using Snapchat Stories

Juicy Couture is readying a campaign using Snapchat’s new Stories feature, which adds ‘snaps’ together to create a 24 hour narrative rather than erasing them immediately after they have been opened.

During the shoot for its spring 2014 collection, which features British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Juicy Couture will use the picture sharing app to send ‘snaps’ to any of its 2.5 million online fans who follow @JuicyCoutureLA.

“We will be the first fashion brand to use Snapchat stories to release our campaign first hand,” Michelle Ryan, Juicy Couture’s vice president of global digital and social strategy, told US fashion website Fashionista.

“With Snapchat stories and the ability to keep ‘snaps’ for a full 24 hours, we saw the opportunity to give a true behind-the-scenes view.”

“It’s all very ‘of the moment’–as is all social media–but with Snapchat, every image and video is a raw file and you only get one chance to get it right,” said Ryan.

Earlier this month, parent company Fifth & Pacific Co. sold the Juicy Couture brand rights to Authentic Brands Group for $195m.

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