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The Drum 30 under 30 #2: Sally Rushton, head of social media, Jaywing

The Drum 30 under 30 women in digital 2013 highlights the top 30 women under the age of 30 making an impact in digital. Here, The Drum catches up with Sally Rushton, head of social media, Jaywing.

The Drum 30 under 30 women in digital is an annual platform recognising the next generation of digital talent. Over the course of 30 days we will be running interviews with each of the women profiled, to give more insight into their careers so far, professional achievements, and what they see as the next big game changers in digital.Today's profiled individual is Sally Rushton, head of social media, Jaywing.What is your biggest professional achievement so far? It's unusual for people working in social media to have both an understanding of the creative and analytical side of social media. I feel very proud that I've been able to lead the agency in both respects, simultaneously working with our data and technology experts to deliver real results. I've been fortunate to work with a host of great brands, notably first direct, Oxfam, Yorkshire Water and First TransPennine Express. What is the biggest challenge you've overcome in your career? In the early days, the social media naysayers came thick and fast. Times have changed though and although there are still are few skeptics, the most common challenges we face relate to how we can demonstrate that social media provides tangible benefits to brands. What's more, how social supports commercial objectives. This is absolutely possible. It varies with every client and industry, always presenting new challenges and opportunities. But it's a nice challenge to have. What's the next game changer in digital? We're working incredibly hard to help clients embrace social into every level of the business. I wouldn't say it's a new challenge but we're speaking to more brands about how they integrate social into the business, rather than it being a marketing discipline in isolation. Coupled with the opportunities in big data in the social space, it's an exciting time. I'm delighted to be part of an agency which is able to marry creative opportunities with real insight. Providing tangible results - what we like to call, social with substance. What would you like to be remembered for? My collection of prescription eyewear (I have a pair for everyday of the week) My enthusiasm and dedication to the job Being a generally nice person As Mrs Ryan Gosling Who inspires you most professionally or personally? I've worked with a fantastic range of creative talent in the last 10 years as well as some pretty inspirational planners, copywriters and conceptual thinkers. Paul Stallard, Gavin Shore, Dee Atkin and David Moore to name but a few. But what glues Jaywing together is undoubtedly our personable, down to earth account management team - and of course, our lovely chef Chris. Clients always remark at our range of lunch options - we're an incredibly lucky bunch. What would you be doing if you weren't doing this? I can't imagine doing anything else but I suppose my naturally inquisitive (professional word for nosy) and curious nature would probably mean I'd be doing something that involved research, unearthing what makes people tick and coupling that with something I could help to create. Failing that - a cake and chocolate tester at Bettys (if you're from Yorkshire, you'll know what I mean). How do you relax? I'm addicted to spin classes which I do religiously before work, three times a week. This definitely helps me relax but also helps me get energised before work. Leaving my phone alone is tough (I sleep with it, probably like most people under 30) but it's professional research, which can only be a good thing for my clients. Or that's what I tell myself. Describe your career to date in five words. That's a really tough one.This series will run for the duration of October. Yesterday's featured individual was Olivia Harvey, head of media strategy, Somo.

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