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Specsavers continues ‘should’ve gone to’ campaign with Workout

Specsavers is set to launch the next in its ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ series with Workout, set to premier during The X Factor tomorrow.

The campaign was directed by Australian Tim Bullock, who also helmed Specsavers’ last TV commercial, Vet, in May.

The ad features a very enthusiastic but short-sighted aerobics instructor, Holly, who arrives at the local community centre to teach a high energy workout. She starts the workout to LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It, but finds the class slower than usual.

Neil Brush and Simon Bougourd, creatives at Specsavers Creative, said: “Workout is a feel-good commercial that should be fun to watch again and again. We’re confident it will put a smile on the faces of TV and digital audiences, from young to old.”

The campaign is also set to include a YouTube takeover tomorrow, as well as spoof fly-on-the-wall moments and interviews, before an MSN homepage takeover on Monday 28 October.

Graham Daldry, creative director at Specsavers Creative, added: “Since its inception in 2003, the ‘Should’ve’ strapline has given us ever-evolving opportunities to use humour as a way of engaging our audience. Comedy-driven branded content tends to be shared organically so, in addition to breaking during British TV’s highest profile slot, it’s also tailor-made for social media.”

The campaign will also look to encourage second screen viewing by integrating with the X Factor voting app.