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Vote for the best piece of work in our Creative Round-Up: Winners to be featured in 8 November issue of The Drum

The Drum, in association with Synergist, brings you a round-up of some of the latest interesting creative work.

Every week The Drum, in association with Synergist, publishes a selection of new creative work. Now you can vote for the work you like best with the winners to feature in the next issue of The Drum (8 November). Submit your vote before Wednesday 30 October to guarantee your favourite makes it into the printed magazine.To submit work for future publication contact

Gen Design Studio: Casal de Ventozela packaging and wine labels

Brand: Casal de VentozelaTitle(s): Packaging and Wine LabelsAgency: Gen Design StudioAgency website: http://www.gen.ptCreative Director: Leandro VelosoArt Director: Cristiana GonçalvesCopywriter: Cristiana GonçalvesIllustrator: Cristiana GonçalvesPhotographer: Diogo LouroAdditional credits: Pedro Gonçalves, Bruno AfonsoPublished: 2013Short Rationale (optional): Gen Design Studio created wine labels for Casal de Ventozela and Catalog. Inspired by nature's stylized shapes are repeated, such as the foliage and the grapes, and birds and flowers - the following illustrations presented as the central part of the label draw their greatest influence from the North of Portugal and its traditions, by seeking references in the elaborate motifs of the filigree, the costume of the Minho region and the tile.

Chelsea Sugar and Greg Straight: Limited edition Greg Straight label

Brand: Chelsea SugarTitle: Limited edition Greg Straight labelAgency: Chelsea Sugar and Greg StraightAdditional Credits: Designer: Greg StraightShort Rationale (optional): New Zealand sugar refinery, Chelsea Sugar partnered with celebrated artist Greg Straight to product a special edition label for their golden syrup. “Greg’s artwork flawlessly encapsulates the New Zealand culture, which is at the heart of the Chelsea brand. We are proud to partner with such a progressive artist who truly understands our vision and values, and who has managed to translate this into an exquisite piece of art," Tracey McKay, NZ Sugar senior manager. "Straight took inspiration from the natural beauty of the ocean and native bush that surround the Chelsea Sugar factory building. The design evokes memories of long summers, our favorite Kiwi pass times and of course, the warm, rich colour of golden syrup.”

Forefathers Group: Dapper & Wise Roasters branding

Brand: Dapper & Wise RoastersTitle(s): Dapper & Wise RoastersAgency: Forefathers GroupAgency website: Creative Director: Forefathers GroupArt Director: Forefathers GroupIllustrator: Dan GrettaPhotographer: Dapper & WisePublished: September 2013Short rationale (optional): "We were approached by Portland, Oregon's own Dapper & Wise to create a new brand, identity, and packaging labels for the up and coming roaster that invites the palates of suburban-folk and city-dwellers alike, to be educated in high-class coffee."

Port Clarendon: Mariavittoria Spagni brand identity for shoes store

Brand: Mariavittoria SpagniTitle(s): Brand identity for shoes storeAgency: Port ClarendonAgency website: http://www.portclarendon.comCreative Director: Daniel LigniniArt Director: Daniel LigniniPublished: 2013Short rationale (optional): Create a brand architecture to articulate and clarify the product’s unique selling. We were approached to do an identity refresh as well as a full collateral set and supporting material for the products themselves taking the brand to the next level, bring a coherent and upscale positioning of the brand.Inspired by Maria’s love for classic fashion brands and modern elegance – we combined ideas of bringing elegance and manners of past generations back to modern women today- we developed a typographic monogram with the letters M and S, giving to the brand a combination of 'timeless elegance' and 'contemporary' look and feel.

Swear Words: Who Gives a Crap packaging

Brand: Who Gives a CrapTitle(s): Swear Words Gives a CrapHeadline: Feel Good Toilet PaperAgency: Swear Words Agency website: Director: Scott LarrittStrategy: Adam Lana Art Director: Tom ClaytonConcept & Product Development: Simon, Jehan & Dan Copywriter:Ceridwen Tallett Photographer: The thousandsPublished: 2013Short rationale (optional): Who Gives a Crap supplies feel good toilet paper that uses 50 per cent of its profits to build toilets in the developing world.Swear Words used all its branding and design translation skills to visualise this clever concept to package. We did this through an amazing international collaboration of creative thinkers, which included a product designer from New York, a social entrepreneur in Melbourne and famous copywriter in London to name a few.Part of the brief was to turn the toilet paper category "on its ass" and consider every pun possible when it came to wiping your bum and how it should be displayed in your bathroom.It's great to be part of something bigger as the "impact to date shows that every roll of Who Gives A Crap is basically providing someone with access to a toilet for about one week. When it comes to flushing out poverty and saving the planet, we’re on a roll. And together, we can save the world from the bottom up."

Wyse Advertising: Brooklyn Animal Care and Control Food and Supplies Drive print campaign

Brand: Brooklyn Animal Care and ControlTitle: Food and Supplies Drive print campaign Agency: Wyse AdvertisingAgency Website: Creative Director: Lane StraussArt Director: Cathy WolfCopywriter: Tom OkalIllustrator: Cathy WolfPhotographer: Tom OkalPublished: October 2013

Arena and Mad River: Grow Wild (Kew Gardens) integrated campaign

Brand: Grow Wild (Kew Gardens)Title: Arena and Mad River Unveil Integrated Campaign for Kew Gardens’ Big Lottery Fund ‘Grow Wild’ InitiativeHeadline copy and text (in English): Grow Wild Media Agency: Arena Agency Website: Creative Director: Justin Gibbons Creative Agency: Mad RiverAgency Website: Creative Director: Simon GaterIllustrator: Celyn BrazierShort Rationale (explain the thinking behind the campaign strategy): The overall strategy of the campaign was to reach local communities through engaging media, and encouraging them to vote for their favourite site to receive the £100,000 prize money.

Ogilvy Redworks: Print Power 'Sensory Print' campaign

Brand: Print Power Title(s): Sensory PrintHeadline and copy text (in English): How memorable was the last direct mail you received?Agency: Ogilvy RedworksAgency website: http://www.redworks.beArt Director: Brigitte BourgeoisCopywriter: Nathalie StrybosAdditional credits: Anne De Bryune, Brigitte De PaepePublished: 2013 in various EU countriesShort rationale (optional): Paper-based communications can at least become three times more effective when triggering multiple senses. This mailing demonstrates how to generate more attention and high response rates.

Ghost: The Wedding Belle brand identity

Brand: The Wedding BelleAgency: Ghost Agency Website: http://www.ghostokc.comCreative Director: Matthew PickettArt Director: Brandon LandDeveloper: Nick RobinsonPhotographer: Alex GelmersAccount Service: Brian BarnesPublished: October 2013Sort Rationale (optional): The Wedding Belle is a wedding planner that focuses on making dream weddings a reality. Owner and principal consultant, Robyn Martin creates events that are elegant and timeless. She wanted a mark and materials that matched the calibre of her craft. Martin also wanted a site that would showcase some of her favourite events and the special brides they were created for. The visual identity created for The Wedding Belle represents the modern bride, communicating style, confidence and expertise. Elements of the existing mark were incredibly special to Robyn. We honoured that with customized letterforms nodding back to the logo's original typeface. The colour palette includes brighter pastels paired with gold foil; giving the identity softness, warmth and a touch of formality that Robyn's clients want on their special day.

The Collective: House of Cards 'The Royals Cabernet Sauvignon' wine packaging

Brand: House of CardsTitle(s): The Royals Cabernet SauvignonHeadline and copy text (in English): Wine PackagingAgency: The Collective Agency website: Director: Margaret NolanArt Director: Margaret NolanCopywriter: Margaret NolanShort rationale (optional): When winemakers Travis Wray and Liz Davies named their brand House of Cards, their rationale was that winemaking is a bit of a gamble: every vintage you have to work with the hand that nature deals. The packaging needed to communicate this philosophy as well as project the hand-crafted nature of the wine and the personalities of the winemakers to an educated wine consumer buying $25-35AUD wines.

Dog Digital: Baillie Gifford promotional video

Brand: Baillie GiffordTitle: Baillie Gifford: over the long termAgency: Dog DigitalAgency website: http://www.dogdigital.comHead of Advertising: Adrian JefferyCreative Director: Alex WilsonAccount Director: Laura DavidsonProduction Partner: FreakworksPublished: 2013Short rationale: Investment management firm Baillie Gifford commissioned Dog Digital to create a promotional film about their investment strategy for use on their website and at events. Established over 100 years ago, a long term approach to investment is fundamental to how Baillie Gifford operate and Dog’s challenge was to bring this core investment proposition to life. Shot using a phantom camera that captures 1000 frames per second, the film features three abstract scenes illustrating the long term development of healthcare, entertainment technologies and natural resource management, with on-screen captions tracking to the movement of the film.

SomeOne: Atomic rebranding

Brand: AtomicTitle: Making sense of the automaticHeadline copy and text (in English): Rebranding UC4 the leaders in business automation to make sense to a mass market. Agency: SomeOneAgency Website: www.SomeOneInLondon.comCreative Director: Simon ManchippArt Director: Tom MyersCopywriter: Mike ReedIllustrator: Tom MyersShort Rationale (optional): Originally called UC4 Software Inc — the newly named brand sets out to enable progress in business by automating tasks that hinder organisations progress. The new brand name, strategy and visual brand identity by SomeOne are designed to better explain the brands offer and to help it connect with senior decision makers.The Visual brand identity is based on a spirograph which has been recreated using digital algorithms, ‘We wanted to find a visual property that would represent what automation can do for business — while it sounds robotic, automatic procedures can create beautiful results for business. The spirograph is something we all played with as children and still manages to create awe inspiring results from a very simple automated process — it’s a globally understood idea and one that really helps the new brand connect with its audience’ says Tom Myers, SomeOne’s lead designer on the project.SomeOne found one of the original spirograph sets from a collector and used it as a basis to create a suite of graphic assets for people to choose from.

18 Feet & Rising: Nandos 'It only works in Nandos' advertising

Brand: NandosTitle: It only works in Nandos Agency: 18 Feet & Rising Agency Website: Anna Carpen & Oli O'Neill Art Director: Anna Carpen & Oli O'Neill Copywriter: Anna Carpen & Oli O'Neill Additional Credits: Producer: Emily HodgsonAccount Director: Andrew BarnardRadio: Sound Studio: Wave Studios Sound Engineer: Dugal Macdiarmid Clients: Andrew Rayner, Marketing DirectorAmy Schoeman, Campaigns Manager Tate Connolly, Assistant Brand Manager Published: October 2013

AMV BBDO: Eurostar ‘Maybe’ TV ads

Brand: EurostarTitle: ‘Maybe’Agency: AMV BBDO Agency Website: Art Director: Adrian RossiCopywriter: Alex GrievePhotographer: Matt StuartAdditional Credits: Agency Planner: Craig MawdsleyAgency Account Manager: Tom Shattock, Emily AtkinsonTV Producer: Anita SasdyMedia Agency: ArenaMedia Planner: Beatrice BoueProduction Company: HLADirector: Simon RatiganProduction Co. Producer: Mike WellsPost-production Company: The MillAudio Post-production: Wave SoundPublished: October 2013Short Rationale (optional): The campaign features two separate adverts, one of which focuses on Paris, which will air in the UK, and one that focuses on London for the French and Belgian markets. Each of the adverts has a similar look and feel and shows an unexpected side of the cities through striking and witty imagery and footage of real people and places. Both adverts close with the line ‘stories are waiting’, and invite to people to take their own Eurostar journey and create their own stories and memories.

Innovation Kitchen: Johnnie Walker Blue Label 'Cityscapes Series'

Brand: Johnnie Walker Blue LabelTitle(s): CityscapeHeadline and copy text (in English): Jonnie Walker Blue Label 'Cityscapes Series'Agency: Innovation KitchenAgency website: Director: Dale EvansDesign Director: Lewis OwenIllustrator: Michael Ng (Mindflyer)Published: October 2013Short rationale (optional): Diageo Global Travel’s latest work for a limited edition of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label ‘Cityscape Series’ has just been launched. Aimed at the travelling whisky collector, this unique collection was designed by Innovation Kitchen and commissioned illustrator Michael Ng. Featuring gold-etched illustrations, the bottle designs were inspired by the skylines of the world’s most famous cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong amongst others.“The level of craft that goes into the illustrations was key in reflecting the premium quality, spirit and exclusivity of Blue Label. Part of the challenge was working with fine details on a limited label space; we extracted only the most iconic elements of each city to be arranged in a way that captured the true essence of each city. The result is a range of delightful keepsakes which serve as a beautiful reminder of your travels.” - Lewis Owen, Design Director, Innovation Kitchen.The bespoke ‘Cityscape Collection’ is individually numbered and available in limited quantity only in the cities that inspired them.

Boyko Taskov and Ivan Raykov: The Golden Drum festival '20 years of drumming' poster

Brand: The Golden Drum festival Title: 20 years of drummingCreative team website: Director: Boyko TaskovCopywriter: Ivan RaykovPublished: October 2013Short Rationale (optional): The Golden Drum is a leading advertising festival that gathers creative minds from Central & Eastern Europe for three days in Piran Portoros, Slovenia. In 2013 the Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary with a challenging poster contest. The brief was simple: to inform the world that the festival has a birthday. Our poster was selected as the winner among more than 150 entries from all over Europe. Thanks, Golden Drum!

Cherry Tiger: Hull City & Hull F.C KC Stadium branding

Brand: Hull City & Hull F.CTitle: KC Stadium branding Agency: Cherry TigerAgency Website: Director: Dan JamesArt Director: Jawad AliShort Rationale (optional): We gave fans of Hull City and Hull F.C. a home to be proud of, with a stadium re-brand that celebrates their heroes, heritage and the whole Hull sporting community.

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