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BIMA D-Day Crabstickz video challenge winners: South Dartmoor Community College and Langtree School crowned digital champions

This year’s BIMA D-Day event was another success and showcased the enthusiasm and talent that the next generation brings to digital.

Part of the challenge at this year’s event from BIMA, in association with The Drum, was a competition for teenagers at participating schools to create a video to finish the sentence: “I think the coolest digital idea in the world would be…”

D-Day promotes digital careers to thousands of young people across the UK every year by sending experts from top digital agencies into schools and following last year’s success, YouTube got involved this time around and enlisted YouTube blogger and comedian Crabstickz to set the teens’ video challenge.

Pupils from Langtree School in Reading, South Dartmoor Community College, Chatsmore in Worthing, Westfield School in Newcastle, St Peter’s in Bournemouth, Park High School in Stanmore and Stocksbridge High School in Sheffield were among those who took part.

South Dartmoor Community College and Langtree School were crowned winners for their concepts of glasses with windscreen wipers and a pillow that records dreams, while other ideas included an SD card that could be plugged into a person’s body to record memories and a toilet that plays music.

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