By Angela Haggerty | Reporter

October 14, 2013 | 2 min read

This year’s Dadi Awards were the biggest yet in the eight years of the event that celebrates the best of the digital industry and according to The Drum’s editor, Gordon Young, the event presents a real opportunity for businesses to learn in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Speaking at the event last week, he said: “I think what people are really buying into is an opportunity not only to celebrate great work and give themselves a pat on the back but also to explain to the industry as a whole what works and what doesn’t work

“What you’ve got to remember about digital is it’s still a new business; it’s not properly understood it’s not really fully formed so what the Dadi’s really does is show the rest of the community what works.

He added: “The case histories and the winning papers really serve as beacons to people which will help them navigate the sometimes uncharted waters of the digital industry.”

Big winners at this year’s awards included Th_nk, who received the Grand Prix for a Channel 4 online campaign and website for the Utopia Inquiry; Gravity Road, who received the Chairman’s Award for work on ‘Conversations Start Here’ for AOL Huffington Post UK; and SapientNitro boss Nigel Vaz, who was crowned Individual of the Year.

The full list of winners can be viewed here

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