Research finds 85% of bloggers are missing out on affiliate sales


By John Glenday | Reporter

October 9, 2013 | 2 min read

A whacking 85 per cent of all bloggers are missing out on potential affiliate sales income, according to research conducted by Paid On Results – an affiliate marketing network.

The UK affiliate marketing and lead generation industry has been valued at £9bn but many with an online presence are missing out on their slice of this cake, particularly individuals who pen their own blogs.

Of 967 UK bloggers, posting at least once a day, quizzed on their success at monetising their endeavours, 52 per cent claimed to receive or ask for free product samples to feature.

However when asked on their use of affiliate links 85 per cent conceded that they didn’t harness affiliate activity in any form.

The most common reasons given for this were, not understanding what affiliates links are (37 per cent), being unsure how to set it up (23 per cent), wishing to remain unbiased toward particular brands (17 per cent), couldn’t be bothered (12 per cent) and not concerned with making money (8 per cent).

Graeme Sandwell, managing director at Paid On Results, said: “Whilst the affiliate marketing industry has exploded in recent years, there are some people that are clearly missing out on the financial rewards it can bring. Bloggers should definitely do their homework on affiliate marketing, because even one reader that goes on to make a purchase though an affiliate link on your blog could make you a decent bit of money.”


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