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The Drum 30 under 30 #28: Becky Coyle, creative lead, Rufus Leonard

Becky Coyle

The Drum 30 under 30 women in digital 2013 highlights the top 30 women under the age of 30 making an impact in digital. Here, we catch up with Becky Coyle, creative lead, Rufus Leonard.

The Drum 30 under 30 women in digital is an annual platform recognising the next generation of digital talent. Over the course of the next 30 days we will be running interviews with each of the women profiled, to give more insight into their careers so far, professional achievements, and what they see as the next big game changers in digital.Today's profiled individual is creative lead at Rufus Leonard, Becky Coyle.What is your biggest professional achievement so far?You’re only as good as your latest work, as they say. So I guess my biggest achievement would be my most recent work on Mobile Energy. It’s pretty groundbreaking technology, and has allowed me to work incredibly collaboratively with the client, and design for an audience similar to me. The app is in beta at the moment with a full launch in early November, but it’s definitely work I’d be proud to show my mum. I think it's so important to keep up to date and on top of what’s going on in this industry. As well as what’s going on beyond my role as a designer. Throw in a bit of strategy, UX, copywriting, consumer understanding, popular culture – you have to be immersed in what you do. What is the biggest challenge you've overcome in your career? Keeping up with all that, at the speed at which these things move can be a huge challenge. Not to mention fitting in a social life. But thankfully it’s a challenge I relish. Digital that doesn’t feel digital any more. What's the next game changer in digital? We’re so accustomed to digital interfaces now and technology becomes increasingly invisible, I feel like as designers we’re reaching a point where we design for the user, not for the medium. And to get a little bit geeky, the data that’s becoming available in order to create dynamic and meaningful experiences for people in the moment is so exciting. We know so much about the person we are designing for; their history, behaviours, interests. And soon we will be able to use real-time data on how they respond to stimulus, physically, emotionally… What would you like to be remembered for? I'd like to be remembered for elegant and effortless design, without ever taking myself too seriously. Who inspires you most professionally or personally?Too many to mention, in so many different ways. But the team that I work with are all kinds of amazing. What would you be doing if you weren't doing this? Marine biologist, chef, doctor, fighter pilot. I wanted to do so many things when I was younger. There’s still time right?! How do you relax? I like working out. And wine. Not at the same time. Describe your career to date in five words.Constantly challenging. Always surprising. Fun.This series profiling The Drum 30 under 30 women in digital will run for the duration of October. Yesterday's featured individual was Meaghan Fitzgerald, head of marketing and operations, 23 Snaps.

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