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The Drum launches after hoax letter goes viral has launched a campaign around a hoax letter which went viral at the weekend.

@JamieDMJ tweeted a fake letter “from”, claiming it had refused to buy a child’s plastic car.

It took Twitter by storm and has since been retweeted over 31,000 times.

In response, the company unveiled and is offering the first 100 Little Tike owners who visit local branches the chance to offload their models. In return, has offered £10 per Little Tike, with all the money raised being donated to the road safety charity Brake.

“We loved the hoax letter thought up by @JamieDMJ. It gave us a giggle and the engagement on Twitter has been great fun,” a spokesperson explained.

“However it highlighted the demand for us to buy ANY car. So we are offering an amnesty for all Little Tikes covered in cobwebs and gathering dust in garages up and down the country. We will buy the first 100 brought to us in full working condition, for the flat fee of £10 – with the money all going straight to charity.”

The spoof site, devised by Democracy PR, is also recruiting a Junior Vehicle Purchaser to head up the new ‘Tike division’.

The ad reads: “This is a perfect job for someone who knows their way around the playground and is experienced in playing with or riding toy cars. Hours: Monday - Wednesday (after school).”