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Coca-Cola creates a pop-up park as part of ‘Where will happiness strike next?’ campaign

Coca-Cola recently transformed a drab city square with a pop-up park in the shape of a cola-bottle as part of its ‘Where Will Happiness Strike Next?’ campaign.

Titled Roll Out Happiness, the film shows grass being physically rolled out onto a typically grey city square and decorated with trees.

With nothing but the instructions to “Take Off Your Shoes To Open Happiness”, the vending machines on the grass rewarded those who did with a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Christy Amador, Coca-Cola global digital brand strategist, said: "This is one of my favorite "Where Will Happiness Strike Next?" executions. The concept is so simple, yet uplifting – It perfectly demonstrates our strategy – and you can't help but smile as you watch it!"

Coca-Cola developed the activity with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

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