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Network Ten launches catch up service

Australia’s Network Ten has launched ‘Tenplay’, its online TV catch up service, as part of its ‘TV everywhere’ digital strategy.

The catch up service aims to be the best in its class

The service aims to facilitate on demand TV viewing and live streaming of news and sport, as well as an online multichannel offering for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Ten chief digital officer Rebekah Horne said the service was the best in its class.

"The nature of the way we've built tenplay gives an experience that will scale right down to a smartphone and up to a big screen television," she said.

“You might be watching on a laptop and then you jump on a bus, but you can continue watching on a smartphone from where you left off in the program. I think the consistency of the experience across devices makes it market-leading.

"I think it's an opportunity broadcasters across the board should work on. It's not just about defending your business; it's an opportunity,” she said.

The move will be followed up with the launch of dedicated apps, starting with the Eyewitness News brand and the Winter Olympics.