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Ad of the Day: Santander - Rory's Pie

The second round of Santander's sports celebrity campaign is really getting into its stride and now that it's the athletic luminaries who are being nonplussed by the actors rather than the other way round... the commercials are much more successful.

The idea behind this tranche of ads is more solid, in any case - having acted on the advice of the unlikely trio, the actors representing ordinary punters can now relate their experiences.

And with the three brand ambassadors looking like they know what they're doing, and with their comedy partners carrying the burden of the script, there are decent performances on both sides of the conversation and it's all much more polished and relaxed.

Agency: Havas Worldwide

Creative Director: Russell Schaller

Creative: Sam Shepherd / Gareth Grey

TV Producer: Laura Middleton

Production Co: Knucklehead

Director: Ben Gregor

Producer: Francis Mildmay-White

Photography: Ben Wheeler

Editing House: tenthree

Editor: Mark Burnett

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