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The Drum

Schillings unveils new brand identity with Goosebumps

Schillings has unveiled a new brand identity with the aim of supporting its move from a law firm to a multidisciplinary business dealing with all aspects of reputation defence.

Under the line ‘Law at the speed of reputation’, the new brand, created by Goosebumps, shifts the focus away from ‘service lines’, ‘sector verticals’ and the other standard pillars of professional services brands.

Christopher Mills, chief operating officer, Schillings said: “There was a time when defending reputations meant dealing with a handful of media owners. Over the last few years, with the advent of social media in particular, we’ve seen the rules of the game change completely. For a company like ours that means both applying the law differently and introducing other skills to the table. The rebrand was about capturing the diversity of our new offer in a clear and single minded way.”

The new identity uses a pair of square brackets for ‘containment of the threat’, while headlines such as ‘The Anti-Social Network’ and ‘The Friends in the Wrong Places’ look to promote issues such as internet trolls to supply chain risk.

Simon Cotterrell, strategic partner at Goosebumps, said: “When we looked at the other businesses operating in the reputation space two things jumped out. Firstly, there is a real lack of clarity about what all of these firms actually do and where they overlap. Secondly, they tend to focus on the multitude of services they offer, rather than the end result; out of context it’s all a little abstract.

“Our aim was to introduce a bit of clarity with a brand that switched the perspective around to look at things from the client’s point of view. We believe it’s a rare example of a successful introduction of consumer brand logic into the world of professional services.”

The new identity looks to personify the multitude of different issues that threaten the reputations of successful businesses and individuals.