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Channel 4 launches online hub for upcoming Educating Yorkshire series

Website: Channel 4 has launched an online hub for the show

Channel 4 has launched an online hub to promote new television series Educating Yorkshire.

The hub was created by Tokyo Digital and built as a fully responsive HTML5 web app within the Channel 4 website. It contains more than 60 pieces of tagged content and works across desktop, mobile and tablet.

The TV series is a follow-up to BAFTA-nominated educating Essex and 4Creative tasked the pupils at the school with creating the show’s advertising campaign after a lesson in the craft from the channel’s in-house agency.

Tokyo director Aaron Bimpson said: “It’s a bold and brilliant idea that transforms the traditional marketing campaign into part of the show’s content and it means all the compelling material that couldn’t be captured on camera can find a life beyond the lens.”

Nik Windsor, business director at 4Creative, added: “We required a platform that could house 50 to 350 pieces of content: the nature of the school project meant that until we judged the pupils’ work, putting a finite figure on the scope of content was impossible.

“That means a site needed to be created that was flexible, with parallel streams of activity happening at any one time against a very inflexible timeline. We were extremely happy with the partnership and the multi-platform output Tokyo Digital delivered for us.”

The programme will air on 5 September.