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Attendees evacuated from Telegraph's offices during AP McCoy event fearing "chemical attack"

An event held by The Telegraph featuring jockey AP McCoy was abandoned last night after three people collapsed and emergency services were called, including police wearing chemical warfare suits. The invite-only event, held at the newspaper's offices last night, saw three people collapse during the question and answer session featuring the award-winning jockey. Attendees waited an hour to exit the building a witness has informed The Drum, as it was checked for dangerous chemicals. "It was crazy," said one attendee caught up in the situation. "However it was really well handled by the organisers who were calm and very professional."The Telegraph's assistant news editor Ben Clerkin tweeted pictures from the situation, eventually updating his followers that there had not been a chemical attack. A Telegraph Media Group spokesperson said: "Emergency services were called last night to investigate a suspected hazard in Buckingham Palace Road. Normal cautionary procedures were followed and no further action was deemed necessary."