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Mystery over 'Charlotte Fakes' Rangers coverage deepens as tweets and documents disappear

The mystery surrounding the “Charlotte Fakes” Twitter account deepened on Friday after tweets and documents released from Charlotte apparently charting the demise of Rangers Football Club were deleted.

Twitter: The profile picture on the Charlotte account has changed

For months the anonymous Twitter account has been releasing emails, letters and documents it claims were shared between some of the main names involved in the club’s crisis, including PR guru and founder of Media House, Jack Irvine.

Guardian writer and professor of journalism, Roy Greenslade, recently poured scorn on the Scottish media’s reluctance to report much of the material, arguing that there was a clear case of public interest.

However, Scotsman sportswriter Tom English said that suspicion over how the material was obtained left the media in a difficult position.

“Charlotte” has so far offered no explanation for the sudden disappearance of the documents, but the Twitter account’s profile picture has changed from a hand with “seek truth” written on it to a woman being gagged.

Police Scotland confirmed in July that an investigation had been launched into the leaks. The Drum is awaiting an update on police enquiries at time of publication.

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