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Top Dog: Celebrate World Dog Day with some of the best ads featuring dogs

To mark World Dog Day, The Drum has rounded up some of the best TV ads featuring dogs: from Cesar to Volkswagen.


No dog ad round up would be complete without Harvey (and rabbit).


The (dog) force is strong in this Super Bowl ad


Featuring what Eddie Izzard would call a 'small, yappy-type dog', this heart-warming ad shows the relationship between and man and his dog. Bless.


You were waiting for an Andrex ad, weren't you? p.s. It's less than four months 'til Christmas.


Fact: a cuddly toy is not as good as a pet dog. That's what Samsung suggests in this ad.

Go Compare

If the dog actually did play the piano, this could have taken the top spot. Just saying...

Volkswagen (again)

Cute ad, but imaging how annoying it would be if your dog barked like a car constantly...yeah. You'd be better off with the car.


The New Zealand SPCA teamed up with Mini to teach some dog new tricks. Maybe the Vokswagen dog should have taken part.


Dogs seem to be the way to sell cars. In this case, the dog doesn't want to give up its seat in the front of the car.


Yes. It's a cat. But it wants to 'be more dog'.

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