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Crestfallen Everton fans rejoice at new club logo consultation

Everton fans are welcoming a decision by their club’s management to bin a recently unveiled club crest after it was panned by fans and designers alike.

In a sharp U-turn the unloved image has been unceremoniously ditched in favour of a public consultation, launched today, to arrive at a more aesthetic solution.

The move will give Evertonians a chance to have their say on what would be the 11th iteration of the club badge during its 135 year history for the 2014/15 season onwards.

In a statement the club said: “Our previous crest was often misrepresented and suffered regularly from the omission of key elements, such as our name and year of formation, and the misuse of our Club colours.

“In an ever-changing multimedia environment, the challenge of tackling these issues has increased. On 3D and HD TV, on web and on mobile, our previous crest was badly reproduced and, to many fans, often appeared cluttered and outdated.

We have a responsibility to maintain a contemporary, relevant identity for the Club. We recognise the need to do this with diligence and sensitivity - with one eye on the past but also one eye on the future.”

Everton will unveil their new crest on 3 October.