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IAB moves to quell confusion around online ad regulations in site revamp

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is upping its efforts to help advertisers stay ahead of online ad regulations and policies with a website revamp.

The body has launched a Digital Policy Guide, which will sit in a new area of the site, dedicated to keeping members apprised of continuously evolving policies across all digital advertising disciplines, from online ad misplacement to changes in search and affiliate marketing and the European Union’s Data Protection legislation, currently under review.

IAB’s head of regulatory affairs director Nick Stringer told The Drum the aim is for the site and guide to be a resource to businesses, for whom it is critical to stay “ahead of the curve” when it comes to changes in digital advertising policy changes.

“The rules and regulations governing digital advertising are often misunderstood, or people are confused by them or don’t have time to understand them properly. The aim of this it to help them navigate this, in a way that complements the existing authorities such as the CAP code, in a way that is easily digestible for businesses,” he said.

The digital advertising market and the rules which govern it evolve fast, but not always in the best way for businesses, making it critical for them to be aware of any changes which may affect them, according to Stringer.

“The revised ePrivacy directive caused a lot of confusion and uncertainty in the market. So we want to provide a guide around some of the policy debates – in the digital world businesses need to stay ahead of the curve, as a lot of these regulations are going to change quickly and they need to be aware of the policy debates around important areas that are relevant to them, such as data protection.

“Staying compliant and being aware of the policy and regulatory debates, helps planning, fosters future creativity, and stimulates a responsible and ethical market, and that is what the guide aims to achieve,” said Stringer.

The Drum will publish a blog from IAB public policy manager Alex Scott later today.