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Sky Broadband advert featuring Bruce Willis banned by ASA for 'misleading' monthly price claim

An advert for Sky Broadband featuring Die Hard star Brue Willis has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading customers over its monthly price claim.

The advert, by WCRS, saw Willis arrive at an office to complain about the speed of his broadband connection, only to be informed by staff that he should try Sky Broadband’s unlimited offer, alongside online text that stated "Sky TV from £21.50 a month. Box and set up costs may apply".

Later in the advert, text also explained: "Price for Sky TV customers. Sky Talk & line rental (£14.50 pm) required" and a voice over claimed: "Demand more from your broadband. Sky Broadband Unlimited is £7.50 a month, which is less than half BT's standard price".

The advert also claimed to be less than half the price of BT’s broadband package.

One person challenged that the advert was misleading as it did not make clear the extent that a customer had to sign up in order to receive the package for £7.50 each month.

Both Sky and ClearCast claimed that all the factors were displayed on screen to explain necessary customer commitments, however the ASA felt that the small print explaining the commitments was far less significant than the voiceover and that the minimum price for both Sky TV and line rental should have communicated alongside the £7.50 price claim.

“Because it was not, we concluded that the ad did not make sufficiently clear the extent of the commitment consumers had to make in order to obtain the broadband service at the advertised price of £7.50 per month, and was misleading,” declared the ASA’s ruling.

As a result, the advert will not run again in its current form.

Sky has also released a spoof advert, featuring Sky Sports Soccer Saturday host Jeff Stelling re-enacting the part of Willis.