Leaked document shows lowest starting salary at the Guardian of £30,000

A document revealing salary details for Guardian staff has been leaked, revealing the lowest starting salary for a full time staffer sits at £30,000.

Leaked: The document published by Guido Fawkes

Editorial positions begin at £30,000 for a reporter and reach up to £55,000 for a news editor, according to the Guido Fawkes blog. Feature writers, senior reporters and specialist reporters can all expect salaries of £40,000 while photographers are looking at £40,000.

Guido said: “Given the interest the paper takes in how much other people are paid, it’s only fair that this document sees the light of day.

“Guido has been leaked the pay structures of junior staff, and it makes an intriguing read in these austere times.”

The Guardian came under criticism recently in Private Eye for allegedly employing staff on zero-hour contracts while claiming publicly that it didn’t.

Last month, Guardian Media Group announced losses of over £30m for the financial year ending 31 March 2013, although the figure was a reduction on the previous year’s losses of £44.2m.


The Guardian chose not to comment on the leak of the internal document but a spokesperson said in response to the Zero-hours contracts claim: "Guardian News & Media does not employ anyone on zero-hours contracts and employs most staff on a permanent basis. However, in common with most news organisations, we cannot always predict the exact staffing levels we require and need some degree of flexibility. We therefore engage a number of casual workers who are paid an agreed daily rate, are under no obligation to accept any shifts offered and are free to work elsewhere, including other news organisations."

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