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IAB Creative Showcase winners - July 2013: Stride Gum, Coors Light and The Glenlivet

This month's winners of the IAB Creative Showcase have been announced with entries from agencies such as VCCP, Wieden & Kennedy and Andrews Aldridge winning for work with clients Coors Light, Stride Gum and The Glenlivet, respectively.

Entries are accepted for the showcase each month from agencies across the UK, with further information available to view on the IAB website.

First Place - Stride Gum, Gumlon, Wieden + Kennedy

Escape the vast mines of GUMULON in a game controlled by chewing.Use your mouth to swing and jump through a dangerous underground maze as you take control of Ace, an alien miner on the run from a terrifying subterranean monster.Collect valuable guminium crystals, ride high-speed rails and rescue friends to get the ultimate high score in a groundbreaking fusion of science, gaming and gum.See video

Second Place - Coors, Coors Cold Caller, VCCP

Brief: Drive trial and awareness of the new Coors Light Ice Cold indicator, a heat sensitive label that tells you when your beer is at it's coldest.Solution: VCCp wanted to create something that would be fun, easy to use and easy to share. Tasked with a small budget, and short amount of time for any communication to run, we wanted to create something that utilised the power of social media and got as many people aware of the Ice cold indicator as possible. This led to the creation of the
'Damme Cold Caller' - An app that allows the user to send a personalised phone call from Jean Claude Van Damme himself, to their friends.Through the coors light website and an app on facebook , users could create a bespoke a message from Van Damme by selecting a series of pre-recorded options and filling out a number fields. They would then be able to preview the call before sending it to their mates. For each cold call received, that person would be able to redeem a free beer at their local pub or newsagent, as a gift from their friend. They would then be able to return the favour and make a cold call themselves.The app received an incredible response, with people revelling in the idea of getting Jean Claude Van Damme to cold call their pals. Engagement grew at an unprecedented rate, with over 160,000 interactions and over 65,000 people making cold calls to their mates. The campaign was rounded off with coorslight.co.uk seeing an influx of visitors, becoming the most visited beer website throughout this period.

Third Place: The Glenlivet, The Glenlivet Alpha Global Launch, Andrews Aldridge

The Glenlivet Alpha is a unique, limited-edition whisky released without any information about its taste, its age, or how it was matured.This threw down the gauntlet for whisky fans – because a true connoisseur can use their sense of taste, smell, feel and sight to work out a mystery whisky’s provenance and flavour. But as Alpha’s a rare whisky, not many people would ever get to try it – so our task was to recreate those sensory experiences online and give everyone the chance to unlock Alpha’s secrets. THE CAMPAIGNWe launched Alpha exclusively using social media – to generate a whole month of online buzz, and attract the active whisky community on Facebook.Working with digital art collective, greyworld, we designed a set of challenges that let users recreate the look, smell, taste and feel of Alpha, and uploaded them, week by week, on The Glenlivet’s Facebook tab. Each challenge generated a rich, interactive visual, and by completing them, you earned a shareable badge and learned a little more about Alpha. At the end of the challenges, the Master Distiller took you inside the cellars at The Glenlivet and revealed all. To keep up the social-media momentum, clues were left in Facebook posts and tweets, we held live twitter tastings with influencers, and used blogger outreach to generate reviews and blog posts. Finally, when you made a guess about Alpha’s flavour on Facebook or Twitter, you received a video message back from the Master Distiller to let you know how close you were. RESULTS The Glenlivet Alpha’s launch set a new benchmark for the brand, and created a huge uplift in The Glenlivet’s share of social-media. In the month the campaign was live: - Facebook likes were up 14 per cent - a 17x increase on the previous month- Twitter engagement grew by 64 per cent - Youtube views were up 1,607 per cent on the previous month, with more views than the whole of 2012 combined. The challenges also had a lot of online traction: - The average engagement time on the tab was in excess of five minutes- 90 per cent of users submitted their challenge results- 48 per cent came back again to try the next challenge. As for The Glenlivet Alpha? It sold out almost instantly.

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