H1 2013 was the slowest growth period for retailers on Facebook since 2011

Tiffany & Co. and Victoria’s Secret are the leaders in Facebook engagement in the US, research from Expion has found, although the first half of 2013 was the slowest growth period for retailers on Facebook since 2011.

The research, carried out as part of Expion’s in-depth F.A.V.E. 50 Social Retail Report, analysed more than 16,000 Facebook posts and their subsequent performance.

Peter Heffring, CEO of Expion, said: “Expion analysed more than 16,000 posts from retailers in the first half of this year to take a deep look into which brands, and which content, are leading on Facebook today.

“Key findings showcase that compelling content is still king, and brands that organically are tied to style and pop culture, like luxury brands, tend to benefit from the strongest engagement with their fans.”

One key point from the study found that the retail industry had its slowest growth period since 2011, with an actual decline in engagement and volume, despite an increase in the number of posts that were published.

Expion also found that brands publishing fewer highly effective posts are creating nearly as much volume as brands relying on a quantity-driven approach.

It was also found that luxury brands were the highest performing in terms of total fan engagement, driven by captivating product images; while mass-market brands such as supermarkets fell further down the list.