Marmite ad faces ban following over 250 complaints to ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received around 250 complaints about Marmite’s new £2m spoof advertising campaign of Animal Hospital.

The Guardian reports that the ASA received the complaints within the first 24 hours of the through-the-line campaign’s release on Monday, while the RSPCA is also understood to have issued its concerns.

The video for the campaign, created by Adam & Eve DDB, has been filmed as a tongue-in-cheek documentary, following a team rescuing forgotten Marmite jars at the back of cupboards. It is the first advert for the brand in two years.

As a result of the complaints, the ASA will now have to review whether the campaign has caused offence and could ban it all together.

Alongside TV, the advert is also running on YouTube and the brand’s Facebook page. A Twitter hashtag to discuss the campaign #MarmiteNeglect has also been created.

The Drum was awaiting a response from the RSPCA at the time of writing.

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