Peta to use relaxing parody rules to spoof Fortnum & Mason to protest against foie gras

Peta is planning to use the relaxation of parody rules, set to be introduced later this year, to create a spoof version of Fortnum & Mason's website as the campaign group looks to shame the retailer for selling foie gras.

The group will create a mock-up of the retailer’s website, with the words Force-Fed & Murdered instead of its name, as it aims to promote the practice.

A spokesperson from Peta told the Guardian: "Peta received expert advice from the legal firm Nabarro who have advised that a parody website in the same font style, arrangement and colour as that used for Fortnum & Mason is likely to be fair game for parody … when the law changes in October. Our developers are currently working on the logo.”

In the US, where laws are already looser, Peta has already created a KFC parody: Kentucky Fried Cruelty.

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