By Jennifer Faull, Deputy Editor

August 2, 2013 | 2 min read

Lowe Campbell Ewald has announced it will be moving to Detroit following the merger of the two ad agencies earlier this month.

Despite the black outlook for The Motor City, which declared bankruptcy two weeks ago, the advertising and creative industry is not giving up just yet.

"We're moving to Detroit and so should you," cried Lowe Campbell Ewald in a short film highlighting the move.

The newly formed agency argues that Detroit is, in fact, a fertile ground for creativity to blossom as creative director Iain Lanivich interviews several creative pioneers already living and working in the city to build the case for Motown.

“The whole city is an opportunity in itself because you have other agencies that are developed, matured, highly competitive, with lots of people scrambling for jobs. Whereas in Detroit, you can just create,” said Kevin Krease, founder and director at X Games Detroit. “Everyone is watching how we deal with bankruptcy and how we deal with all of these problems and issues. So if you want to change things and be a part of a movement that’s going to change things….you would come to Detroit.”

Creative agencies that have established themselves in Detroit are also hailing all that the city has to offer, and are unwavering in their assertions that the Motown is more than just “bankrupt, decayed, and abandoned”.

Indeed, Doner, a global agency that has an office in Detroit serving clients that include Jeep, Fiat, Arby’s and Auto Trader, has welcomed the move.

David DeMuth, Co-CEO and president of Doner, told The Drum: “We think it's great that Lowe Campbell Ewald is moving to Detroit. We've been based here for over 75 years and see tons of opportunity in Detroit. Obviously, we believe in Detroit. In particular, its people and potential. There's a movement centered around innovation, creativity, and technology and we're happy to be a part of it.”

Detroit filed for Chapter 9 protection two weeks ago, citing a debt load of at least $18bn.

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