35% of marketers don’t understand how different channels work together to produce results

35 per cent of marketers admitted to finding it a huge challenge to understand how different channels are working together to produce campaign results, according to a survey from Tag Man.

In the study, 43 per cent admitted that they are still not confident that their social media investments drive revenue and 32 per cent of respondents are unsure of the value of social media.

Big Data is also proving problematic, as 59 per cent of respondents said they believe Big Data could have a real impact on business revenue and profits, yet 36 per cent admitted they still do not understand it.

Jon Baron, CEO of TagMan commented on the study: “The aim of the study was to drill down into what brand marketers really think about how their jobs have changed, and it has uncovered some incredibly surprising results. Being able to understand what ROI your marketing spend is generating should be at the heart of a digital marketer’s focus, giving them the ability to interpret, value and respond to the data available to them.

He added: "One of the more unexpected results that the survey returned was that digital marketers still considered e-mail as the most useful form of digital advertising. Insights generated from a tag management system’s holistic view may provide digital marketers with a greater perspective and highlight other more lucrative channels.”

It also found that 41 per cent of marketers believe reporting accurate ROI of all marketing activity is the biggest challenge currently facing their business yet 49 per cent of marketers are still not sure how they currently reward marketing partners (like technology vendors, email service providers and publishers).

The research study was conducted by Finder Media on behalf of TagMan and surveyed over 200 senior digital marketing and ecommerce professionals across an array of travel, retail, FMCG and financial sectors.

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