YouTube videos still miles ahead of Vine and Instagram on Twitter

By Ishbel Macleod | PR and social media consultant

July 25, 2013 | 1 min read

YouTube was the video platform that dominated Twitter in the last month, research from Socialbakers has revealed, with brands posting almost 5,000 YouTube videos, compared to less than 1,000 Vine and Instagram videos.

Socialbakers pulled the data from 1,141 brand profiles on Twitter, looking at 5,933 tweets from 19 June to 19 July.

It was found that 4,863 YouTube videos were posted, while only 713 Vines and 357 Instagram videos were tweeted.

Of these, it was found that Vines did the best in terms of the average number of retweets at 20, while YouTube had 19 and Instagram had 7.

Instagram videos also saw the least engagement: 0.011 per cent compared to 0.021 per cent for Vine videos and 0.036 per cent for YouTube.


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