Viral Video Chart: Honda's hands beats O2's cat masquerading as a dog to the top spot


By The Drum Team | Editorial

July 18, 2013 | 1 min read

Honda takes top spot in this week's Viral Video Chart with a charmingly clever new ad which celebrates the enormous range of products - from leaf blowers to racing cars and motorbikes - that it has engineered over its 65-year history.

The beautiful hands ad, created by Wieden+Kennedy, has been compared to Honda's classic Cogs spot and has been viewed more than 4m times over the last week.

Its 126,000 social media shares put it ahead of O2's latest effort, in which a cat decides its time to be more dog, in this week's brand chart.

The charts are compiled with the Viral Ad Network and are based on the number of shares each video has received on social media over the last seven days.


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