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MySpace users threaten to sue over ‘crass arrogance’ of blog deletion

MySpace users have threatened to sue the social media company after their blogs disappeared as part of a revamp of the site, although MySpace insists that they are not gone for good.

The users said that they continued to use the site ‘religiously’ in order to update their blogs, and that this move by MySpace was ‘crass arrogance’.

In a threat called 'I want my blogs and classic MySpace back' , one user said: "Openly and freely I shared intimate moments that can not be relived or retold for they where experienced. I would revisit myspace religiously because of my blogs... Myspace did an ultimate back stab." [sic]

MySpace has replied saying: “Change isn’t easy and there has been a lot going on lately. We understand that this information is very important to you. Please understand that your blogs have not been deleted. Your content is safe and we have been discussing the best ways possible to provide you your blogs.”

MySpace relaunched in June.