Data-driven marketing forces review of ADMA code of practice


By Steven Raeburn, N/A

July 10, 2013 | 2 min read

The Association for data driven marketing and advertising has been forced to update its code of practice to account for the surge in digital trends and their collective effect on marketing possibilities.

No small task

The code is to be “updated” to “take into account changes to marketing practice over the past decade”.

“The ADMA Code of Practice has served the industry well over the past decade or so, but it’s time for a refresh,” said CEO Jodie Sangster.

“The Association now has a much larger footprint than when the code was introduced in 1999. Yet our role in self-regulating the data-driven marketing and advertising industry remains as important as ever.

“Our Code needs to take into account changes to marketing practice over the past decade. It must address the challenges arising from the many new and varied channels marketers are using to reach out to customers, such as social media, mobile devices, apps, SMS, word of mouth and location-based mobile.

“Meanwhile, it must continue to be relevant to more established data-driven channels such as telephone, mail, catalogue and direct response TV.

“This is no small task, but it must be done.

“Today virtually ALL marketing and advertising is data-driven to some extent. That being the case, the ADMA Code must be relevant to all marketers and advertisers.

“We will soon begin a process of stakeholder consultations, starting with ADMA members, to get ideas and feedback. A Discussion Paper will be issued shortly. The plan is to have an updated Code in place by the end of the year.”


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