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Those who wear animal skins are just as guilty at those who kill for pelts, graphic PETA ad suggests

People who buy and wear the skins of exotic animals are just as bad as those who kill the animals, PETA has suggested in a new series of graphic ads.

The ads, created by Lowe Singapore, insist ‘When you buy, you become part of it’.

The series show a tourist help poachers rip the skin off a zebra for a bag; a businessman stabbing an alligator with a spear and a woman helping to tear the skin off a bear.

PETA associate director Mimi Bekhechi said: "Every year, millions of animals – including bears, alligators and zebras – are violently killed for their skins and body parts.

"PETA's new ads point out that every single person who buys a jacket, a handbag or shoes made out of an animal's skin contributes to the demand for exotic-skins and pelts – and supports some of the bloodiest industries on the planet."

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