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By Steven Raeburn | N/A

July 9, 2013 | 2 min read

The late Bruce Lee, the iconic martial arts star who passed away in 1973, has been resurrected to star in campaign for Johnnie Walker whisky.

Lee’s son, Brandon, who also died an untimely death on the set of the film ‘The Crow’ in 1993, became the first Hollywood star to appear in a movie utilising nascent CGI techniques to transplant him into existing footage shot before his death. The film was released posthumously.

The campaign was designed by BBH and Joseph Kahn, featuring a fully CGI Bruce Lee, apparently present in modern day Hong Kong.

Khan said that Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter, consulted on the process.

“We wanted to be as respectful to the man and legend as we could,” he said.

The response since the clip debuted in Youtube yesterday has been varied.

“Can't wait until Lennon, Cobain, and everyone else who never would have used their name to sell bullshit are resurrected in CGI to have their work bastardized to push product,” one poster commented.

“Putting words into a dead guys mouth is one of the highest forms of deception. These people have no shame and go to the lowest of lows just to make a buck,” another said.