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AT&T is the biggest advertiser in the US, spending $1.6bn in 2012

AT&T is the biggest advertiser in the US, having spent $1.6bn on measured media in 2012, down 14 per cent from 2011. That is, in other words, $5.05 for each US resident.

Meanwhile Apple, Amazon and Google have all upped their advertising budgets considerably.

Apple, number 12 in the top 200 advertisers list, increased its ad spend from $546m to $662m. The 21 per cent hike came as the iPhone maker continued to compete with Samsung, Amazon and others in the mobile and tablet markets.

Similarly, Google saw a 66 per cent increase in its measured media ad spend over the past 12 months, shelling out $340m compared to $205m the year previously.

Amazon was not far behind Google in the list, coming in at number 68. In 2012 it increased its budget by 58 per cent, with $245m spent on measured media, up from $156m in the prior year.

The biggest auto advertiser was Chevrolet, spending $958m in 2012 (down 8.4 per cent from 2011), and the biggest food/restaurant advertiser was McDonalds, which spent $957m on measured media in 2012.

Budweiser was 25th on the list of 200, spending $449m.

The Top 200 US Advertisers list was compiled by AdAge using Kantar Media data.

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