Adcolor and TBWA partner for Taglines exhibition

Adcolor, the cross-industry initiative dedicated to celebrating professionals of colour in the advertising, marketing, media and PR industries, has partnered with TBWA to present the Taglines exhibition.

The photo project will take place tonight, July 8, and aims to celebrate nine years of success in promoting diversity in the communications, marketing and media industries.

“Throughout the Taglines project, there has been this great feeling, great romance, in bringing together 60 terrifically different people and their diverse backgrounds and stories,” said TBWA’s global chief operating officer, Emmanuel André

“You learn so much more from differences than similarities, and being around such a diverse bunch of people, recording their journeys, thoughts, inspirations and achievements, has been a brilliant and enriching experience.”

Through a series of portraits and conversations, Taglines has recorded the faces, thoughts and ideas of some of America’s most influential champions of diversity and the people that have helped make Adcolor a successful organisation since its inception in 2006.

Sixty portraits of Adcolor alumni, board members and supporters, photographed by TBWA's André, will be produced, all of which will be available to purchase as posters, prints and in book form.