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Google publishes new FAQs on Google Glass as privacy concerns mount

Glass: Excitement for the new product is mixed with some concern

Google has published new FAQs on Google Glass with a section covering security as questions mount over the implications for personal privacy.

In the FAQs, Google claims the recording feature on Glass is set to just 10 seconds before an automatic cut off. Users can override the cut off, however, although Google insisted the battery would enable no more than 45 minutes' recording time.

"There are many devices available on the market today for people who wish to record their entire day, but Glass simply is not one of them," said Google.

Addressing people's fears about being secretly recorded by Google Glass wearers, the tech giant said: "We have built explicit signals in Glass to make others aware of what’s happening. First, the device’s screen is illuminated whenever it’s in use, and that applies to taking a picture or recording a video.

"Second, Glass requires the user to either speak a command — 'OK Glass, take a picture' or 'OK Glass, record a video' — or to take an explicit action by pressing the button on the top of Glass’s frame. In each case the illuminated screen, voice command or gesture all make it clear to those around the device what the user is doing."

The statement went on to say that Google had no plans to implement facial recognition technology and said the pledge was written into its developer terms of service - although it did admit these could change over time - and denied that Google would have access to what Glass wearers were doing or seeing.

Meanwhile, Google said the company was currently focusing on the American market for Google Glass and would roll out availability further next year.

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