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Mobile advertising spend in UK forecast to reach nearly £1bn this year

Mobile advertising investment in the UK has grown by 90 per cent to reach almost £1bn in the last year.

According to figures released by eMarketer, the growth in mobile advertising comes from investment in mobile search and display formats with mobile advertising spend having grown by 16 per cent to reach £999m in the last year.

That growth is expected to continue next year, with spend forecast to increase by 23.4 per cent to reach £1,599m, with 2017 figures placed at £3,707m.

Meanwhile, digital advertising spend in the UK has increased to £6.1bn this year, and is forecast to reach £6.8bn next year and £8.4bn in 2017.

Over half of all investments in online and mobile advertising is excepted to be made through search (£3,573m), while display (£1,498m) will make up a quarter of expenditure this year, expected to be £6,066m overall.

The share over video advertising, set at £244m this year, is forecast to grow to £1,039m by 2017 however, with eMarketer claiming that the number of internet users watching video content online at least once a month will rise from 34.4m to 40m over the next four years.

Total UK media advertising spend, set at £13,976m this year, is predicted to reach £16,158m by 2017, with digital expected to make up over half of that spend by the end of the period.

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