Critics say chocolate dog poo poster is crap

A graphic poster depicting a young child smothered in chocolate alongside a freshly laid mound of dog mess has kicked off a bitter debate between dog owners and the wider public.

It depicted a pre-school child post-chocolate indulgence alongside the words: “Children will put anything in their mouths”.

The shocking poster was pulled together by Bristol City Council in a bid to discourage the city’s dog owners from leaving behind unwanted droppings in the city’s parks.

It is intended to encourage dog owners to clean up behind themselves and park goers to report any unsanitary goings on so that park officials can issue direct fines of £1,000.

Dog owners reacted angrily to the campaign however, kicking up a stink on both sides of the pond with Julie Ryan Evans of The Stir commenting: “I know some people want nothing more than to see their children as stars, but it shouldn't happen like this.

"A child this age has no concept of what she is doing, and for a parent to pimp her out for whatever reason as the 'dog poop girl' is just irresponsible."

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