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MEC study of over 100,000 consumers offers insight into how brands are chosen

A major study by global media agency MEC is offering clients a new data-driven, psychological approach identifying the factors influencing how consumers choose brands.

Study: MEC has launched the Momentum project

The Momentum study has looked at the purchase decisions of more than 100,000 consumers so far, offering the kind of insight MEC says will drive a "seismic shift" in the agency's strategic planning for brands.

A key finding from Momentum so far has been the importance of the 'passive stage' in consumer journeys, during which consumers consider fewed brands, are less concerned with price and happier with their decision after buying.

MEC said the study would help the agency identify ways to encourage consumers out of the passive stage and into the 'active stage', by scoring a brand's momentum against the opposition.

Global chief strategy officer at MEC Melanie Varley said: "Momentum measures the whole purchase journey in a new way. It gets under the skin of how people make decisions, unpicking the beliefs, whether preconceived or not, that they have about brands and how these influence behaviour, and the effect of brand communication throughout this journey.

"Our Momentum studies provide highly actionable outputs and are exceptionally cost effective.

"Our insight into the purchase journey means that we now must adopt a new approach to brand communication during the purchase journey. As the custodians of strategic comms planning we see it as our responsibility to bring this new thinking to bear for our clients," she added.

The psychology of decision making is central to the project, taking factors such as customer beliefs and how they can influence decisions, consumer bias by category and brand and the relative influence of communication messaging into account.

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