Microsoft and IPG study suggests 45% of consumers are willing to share data with brands in exchange for better ads

New research from IPG Mediabrands and Microsoft has found that almost half of consumers are willing to share digital information with brands in exchange for ads that are relevant and useful to their daily lives.

45 per cent of consumers said they would be willing to share all of their digital data collected over a period of six months in exchange for better ads.

According to the research, as people's comfort with technology matures, they are shifting from taking a passive to an active role in creating digital experiences and are realising the value of their personal data; with 48 per cent believing their digital data has value that they can exchange with brands to receive more personal and relevant ad experiences.

59 per cent of those surveyed are much more willing to buy a product or service from a brand that offers a reward in exchange for their digital data, suggesting that brands need to look at not just delivering an ad impression, but at how to engage, involve, and reward consumers for sharing their personal information.

"Technology is beginning to recede from something that is just a device or a website, into people's physical, social and cultural environment,” said Bill Buxton, a principal researcher at Microsoft.

“It should quietly augment, nurture and facilitate our lives -- not as intrusions, but as companions, that work seamlessly together and make our lives better,” he said. "Brands should investigate how they can be present at these important inflection points in people's lives in value-added ways."

This consumer study comprised over 8,000 individuals in 8 key markets including US, UK, Sweden, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Brazil and China

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