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IRN-BRU launches a long line of Fannies for fans as personalised bottles go on sale

The personalised bottles feature the names Fanny, Senga, Tam and Rab

The wait is over for fannies across Scotland who will finally be able to enjoy a personalised bottle of IRN-BRU, as a limited number of bottles have now hit the shelves.

Dedicated to the TV ad namesake ‘Fanny’, the personalised bottles were made after a mock-up image was posted to the brand’s Facebook page. Thousands of fans inundated IRN-BRU asking for a real life version to be made, with The Drum revealing in late May that IRN-BRU would be commissioning the personalised packaging.

As part of the limited edition run IRN-BRU is also paying homage to some other traditional Scottish names with personalised bottles for Senga’s, Tam’s and Rab’s nationwide. Fans of the brand will remember Senga was the star of IRN-BRU’s ‘Blind Date’ ad last year.

Tam and Rab were chosen in celebration of two of A.G. Barr’s long-serving staff members.

An A.G. Barr spokesperson commented: “We were inundated with requests for the Fanny bottles to be made so we thought our fans could enjoy a taste of Scotland with Fanny and some other well-loved, traditional names that mean a lot to IRN-BRU.”

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