Cannes Lions: Coca-Cola evolves Coke Zone points scheme to “redefine rewards” says VP of global connections

Coca-Cola is in the midst of “evolving” its Coke Zone points scheme putting renewed focus on “redefining rewards”, according to VP of global connections Ivan Pollard.

Speaking to The Drum at Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity Pollard said that the points scheme, which is in the process of being redeveloped, will still provide experiences, events and promotions, built around the Coke Studio and its social engagement platform.

This move forms part of Coca-Cola’s overall data strategy which will see it work towards the goal of having unified customer profiles across its properties, in a way that doesn’t encroach on privacy, according to Pollard.

“We are doing this in a way that is very respectful of people’s data and the privacy exchange. We must ensure we build up the education process first and be open about the value exchange.

“We have a responsibility to use data for good…we will police it rigorously,” he added.

Coca-Cola has adopted a strategy, coined SLUMDOGS, which references the eight digital pillars of its marketing strategy established over the last year. This stands for: social, location-based services, URL websites, mobile, data, operational platforms, gaming and search.

Pollard said the term SoLoMo, which incorporates social, location, and mobile, provides the essential elements but not the full picture.

“That’s why we have over the last year thought about these eight functions all empowered by digital and which represent how we will do all marketing in future. The name, of course inspired by Danny Boyle, will be used to ensure everything works more efficiently.

“This isn’t the death knell of TV or billboards or shopper promotions – it’s not about an either or – the digital world will just make it matter more," he said.

Consumers are now savvy enough to know that if they share their data or interact with the brand or buy its drinks, to expect a value exchange.

“We must create a value exchange or people don’t want to come back, and digital will allow us to create more value, more often, for more people in a more valuable way – because we are better connected,” he added.

Coca-Cola revealed in April that Coke Zone members will no longer be able to collect points from Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero packs to later redeem for rewards and prize draws from 16 October 2013.