The North Wales Outdoor Sector reveals 'Heart of Adventure' brand identity from Pearlfisher

The North Wales Outdoor Sector has engaged Pearlfisher London to create the new ‘Heart of Adventure’ brand identity and brand guidelines.

The work follows a new brand positioning statement for the North Wales Outdoor Sector at the end of last year.

“Pearlfisher got the measure of how passionate our project stakeholders were for a new identity for the outdoor sector, one that they all could own. They got right to the essence and delivered a very competitive positioning and edgy design that matches the character of the adrenalin-fuelled sector,” said Dewi Davies, regional strategy director at Tourism Partnership North Wales.

Pearlfisher was tasked with creating the corresponding ‘Heart of Adventure’ brand identity and guidelines to reinforce and visualise this positioning as a destination brand and for on and offline collateral.

The new identity and marque need to meet “two objectives” according to Rory Fegan, Pearlfisher senior strategist. The first of which is as “a way of representing and unifying the various stakeholders and businesses within the North Wales Outdoor Sector” and secondly “as a seal of approval and reputation in both a real context – when used on signage at the side of the road – and also in a digital context when researching the destination online”.

Speaking of the creation of the identity, creative director at Pearlfisher Sarah Cattle, commented: “The logo itself provides a visual feeling of adventure, through the slope and the sense of the horizon, and the rugged landscape of the terrain. It is brought to life in a number of different colours that reflect the elemental nature of the destination and are a nod to the patriotic colours of Wales. It is all tied together with the Heart of Adventure written in both the Welsh and English languages.”