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Viral Video Chart: Adobe photoshop prank tops chart, with #PubLooShocker and bunnies also popular

How would you feel if you were minding your own business at the bus stop, only to find you'd be turned into the star of your own billboard using Photoshop?

Adobe has hit the top spot of the Viral Video Chart this week, with its Photoshop bus stop prank from Stockholm, which has received over 12.5 million views, but a Department for Transport ad, snuggling bunnies and the new Tango ad all proved popular.

Also making the list is the Cheerios ad which has caused a lot of controversy be featuring a mixed-race family. The ad has received over three million views, and has clocked up over 33,000 Facebook shares.

The charts are compiled with the Viral Ad Network and are based on the number of shares each video has received on social media over the last seven days.

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